Protect Your Business

Installation of security cameras can protect your business. We can provide cabling, design, install, maintenance, and configure it with your DVR or NVR. We know how important your business is and want to help protect it.

Professional Install

Wired In IT Technology will provide a professional and reliable installation that guarantees a long term solution for your business.

Steps on How to Install Your Security Camera System

  • Step 1: On-site evaluation: Free on-site walk through of your property. If there is already a layout, then we can walk through each location and decided where cameras are needed. We will create a design of the layout if one is needed. We will also determine what type of materials are needed for the completion of the install.
  • Step 2: Schedule Install: Once the bid and design is agreed upon then we can schedule a date and time for install.
  • Step 3: Installation: The installation process will vary depending on the location. Typical install will include:
    • Supporting cable property
    • Termination and testing of cables
    • Running necessary cabling
    • Camera install: Mounting & pointing cameras in right direction
    • Set up and programming of NVR or DVR.
  • Step 4: Customer approval: You the customer, will confirm the camera placements once the install is finished.